The Island

"There is a life after surfing"

When I returned from New York, I came with the intention of turning my native island into one of the more beautiful places in the planet, due to the endless possibilities that Lanzarote had to offer.

Cesar Manrique

It is impossible to imagine Lanzarote today without Cesàr Manrique. He turned the island into an unique artistic place and had great influence on the protection of nature and culture.

Besides the island provides unique attractions and amazing places to visit. For instance Timanfaya Park, one of the best examples of a volcanic habitat sparsely vegetated and inhabited by rare species that feed upon organic matter carried by the wind.

Jameos del Agua, a place full of connecting caves and underground grottes, the crater El Golfo, Mirador del Rio providing an spectacular lookout, Cueva de los Verdes, Jardin de Cactus, Teguise, Museum of Contemporary art, etc etc...


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