Test yourself right now!

You joined already a surftrip? You learnt it by yourself? You are completely beginner?

The following technical explications will perhaps help you to know where you are right now and which the next step will/can be!

1st level (Bronce wave):

I know how to prepare myself (equipment, use of wax and leash, stretching)

I am able to lie on my board holding the balance on foam

I have already control over taking a direction on foam

I can do my "take off" in one time

I am able to stand up and stay a while on the surf board

2nd level (Silver wave):

I am already going to the line up with smaller waves¨(about 1 meter)

I am able to bodysurf (surfing only with your body)a wave about 1 meter high

I know how to use the current to go to the peak on a safety way and I know the priority rules concerning surfing

I am able to take off on a wave about 1 meter high

I am already starting to take a direction on the wave (frontside/backside)

3rd level (Gold wave):

I am able to take off and choose straight the direction

I can increase my speed on the wave

I am starting surfing Top Bottom (making a turn down the wave and up)

I am able to read the ocean in order to have a safety surf session