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Surfing student Marie

It is amazing how fast you are able to ride a wave with correct instruction and the right equipment. Volcano Surf school Lanzarote provides, from our 2 hours lesson up to a 10 days trip, everyone, (from 6 to 60+ years old) the opportunity to dream and conquer.

Under the helm of Sebastien (Manager and Surf Instructor volcano surf, bringing a Surf teaching experience of 15 years), and our team of surf instructors you will spend a great time, seeing the results already after the first lesson. Our instructors bring you on a safe and fun way from the foam to the peak, standing up and enjoying your ride :).


Our beginner surf lessons provide a small theoretical, and practical introductions into the surfing. You will learn about balance, safety, how to make a so called "take off" to stand up on your board, the ocean, movements and most important.. that it is all about having fun. As one really important surfer once answered to the question about who is the best surfer in the world: “…The best Surfer in the world? .. The one having the most fun!

In the beginning you will start in the foam, in order to learn the movements and get the feeling of yourself on the surfboard. As soon as you feel comfortable of going with the wave and standing on your surfboard, you will go together with your surf instructor already to the line up, where you start to catch the wave from the beginning of its breaking. You will see, the first time you will ride down one wave, it will be a feeling you will probably not forget for the rest of your life.Â

The boards (all new material) we provide for beginners are made of foam, to ensure the safety surfing during the lessons.


This level is made for you if you have already experience in surfing, meaning that you can already ride not broken waves and know about "the rules"

Depending on the surf level, our surf instructors will bring you to an according surf spot in order to improve your knowledge and surfing. The main aspects will be the duckdive the correct take-off, how and when exactly to catch a wave in which direction.

You will talk with your instructor before going into the water anyway, so there is no worry that we will do all our best to bring you there where you want to be.


You know already to surf well, you know about the ocean and maybe, you have experience with reef break. We will mainly try to find a surf spot with the best surfing conditions for you. Our instructors will guide you and tell you the most important things you should know about the spots, the behavior of the wave, and how to get in and out. Certain surfing skills cannot be learned by experience only. Having a certificated instructor with years of experience of teaching and surfing with you can make a big difference on your progress. Our surf teachers will help even the experienced ones’ to improve their surf style and get rid of bad habits.

In order to judge your own surfing skills a little bit better, we created a small list that may help you:

What level am I?